Feral Hogs Have Become Very Popular To Hunt

The demand for hunting wild boar proceeds to rise each year, and the hunting industry continues to grow to keep up with the needs of hunters. Today you'll find a wide array of businesses capitalizing on the pig rush—companies providing hog removal, guided hunts, hunting products, and so much more. For example, De Leon Sporting Goods, a dealer for Bering Optics, carries thermal imaging scopes designed for hog/predator hunting. Join the adventure, get in the woods today and stalk that giant nasty boar hog.


Why Is Hog Hunting So Popular?

I suppose there are numerous reasons hunters choose Texas. Texas is huge and bold, and it is a genuinely proud state as a whole. People always say, "Everything is bigger in Texas!" These people aren't lying, and that includes big, mean wild hogs! We have an unbelievable abundance of feral hogs in the state! 



Is There a Season For Hunting Hogs In Texas? 

Texas is a hunter-friendly place to live, and feral hogs can be harvested all year long. These animals are astonishingly intelligent. As a hunter, you have to outsmart them! Although there are many wild hogs, hunting them still requires a great deal of patience. In addition to not having any specific seasons, hogs can also be taken day or night and basically by any means possible.

Does Hog Meat Taste Good? 

Wild boar meat is excellent and has a fantastic taste. It is also very versatile meat that can be cooked into a wide array of dishes, from your typical BBQ to a fine course meal. Frenched ribs make for an excellent griller item. Tenderloins are my favorite; I will season them up and give them a ground coffee crust. Wild hog meat is much redder in color and very lean versus traditional pork. It does excellent in almost any dish you would have customarily cooked with beef.

If you've never experienced a wild hog hunt, then I encourage anyone to try it. Let me warn you, though, once you start, it will probably consume you. Since the season is wide-open, you'll more than likely lose a lot of time and money chasing the big nasty.


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